Our clients get it.

They understand their brand's impact rests on making genuine, compelling, meaningful connections.

At BrandSpeak, we develop tools to support those kinds of connections.


There’s no single path to creating a meaningful connection - there’s just the right one.

We’ve helped some of the most respected brands turn good ideas into great experiences.

Experiences that hit bottom-line goals using technology, media, live performance and powerful storytelling.



You need to take your audience from A to B to C - a storytelling arc that requires head and heart, strategy and creativity.

Its part science, part feel, and a whole lot of experience with all kinds of audiences.

Brandspeak was founded on the following principles: hire the best talent, stay focused on the objectives, don’t be afraid of risk, challenge everything and always remain transparent and plainspoken with clients.

Scott Leech
Founding Partner
Hometown:   Lincoln, Nebraska.   Go Big Red!
Professional interests:  Psychology and audience dynamics; stage craft
Personal interests:   Music, theater, golf and following his sons' sports (soccer & basketball)
Surprising fact:   Has never performed as a rodeo clown
When not working:   Loves travel despite traveling a ton for work
David Seckinger
Founding Partner

College:  University of Minnesota, Morris
Professional Interests:   Research, Writing and Directing
Personal Interests:   Rabid Tottenham Hotspur fanboy
Surprising Fact:   Loves to spin records and read
When not working:   Working out, spinning vinyl or chasing my boys

Our clients serve many industries, but they all have this in common: they are leaders, innovators and high integrity organizations.

And they’ve never lost sight of the importance of genuine connections.

Below are a few kind words from our clients.

“BrandSpeak is a quick-study. They truly understand our business and treat it with respect.”
“BrandSpeak has allowed us to quickly adapt and keep our message relevant and meaningful.”
“BrandSpeak comes to the table to help, not to sell.”
“As a long term, trusted partner BrandSpeak has helped us evolve our communication practices to engage with 21st century tools.”
“BrandSpeak listens.”
“As a long term, trusted partner BrandSpeak has helped us evolve our communication practices to engage with 21st century tools.”
“BrandSpeak truly exemplifies the term partner.”
“BrandSpeak provides industry-leading ideas to build our brand and drive business results, quickly, creatively and exceptionally well.”
“BrandSpeak manages our money like it was their own.”

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